the leading manufacturers of premium quality

cold pressed oils

the leading manufacturers of premium quality

cold pressed oils

Vintage Aroma is an Indian company based in Jaipur and is one of the leading manufacturers of premium quality cold pressed oils using the fresh grown produce and has been consistently serving the Indian industry for the past 8 years.

Quality Assurance

At Vintage Aroma, we source only the top quality whole seeds (hand-picked & cleaned) for producing the purest cold pressed oils.

  • 100% Natural
  • ISO, WHO, GMP Certified
  • Checked for Purity
  • Checked for Quality

The Story

We started as an oil trade organization back in 2003 under the name, Vintage Aroma. Vintage Aroma was largely into wholesale and export of cold pressed oils & later it transformed into a full fledged manufacturing centre of cold pressed vegetable oils, bringing back nature’s creations in purest form. We’ve pioneered the production and distribution of cold pressed carrier oils and essential oils used primarily in cooking, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries promoting overall health & nutrition of the body.

After a decade long experience as manufacturing & wholesale enterprises, Vintage Aroma has now ventured into the retail of natural cold pressed oils under the brand name Vishudh oils.

With an exclusive supply range, state-of-the-art pressing technology and efficient technical adequacy, Vishudh is able to provide a remarkable quality of cold pressed organic oil products and services.

Founded by Yash Jain in 2008, an enthusiastic proprietor who had a vision to promote good health and nutrition amongst the present generation consumers around the world and make a healthy contribution in directing the society towards an unadulterated tomorrow.

The Office

32 – Uniara Garden, Near Police Memorial, Jaipur, India – 302004

+91 9829 010 124