process of extraction

process of extraction

Step 1: Manual Cleaning & drying of seeds/nuts – Seeds/Nuts are manually picked and cleaned to maintain quality and left to sun dry.

Step 2: Moisture Check & control – The moisture level of the Clean & dry seeds/nuts are checked to ensure it is ready for oil extraction.

Step 3: Oil extraction – The seeds/nuts are than put under a stainless steel press, wherein the oil is extracted and the cake is separated (used for animal feeding)

Step 1: Filtration & Packaging – The extracted oil is kept aside for any solid particles to settle at the bottom and later filtered with the help of a gravitational filter to get rid of any impurities. This naturally extracted cold-presses oil is now ready to be packed & shipped.

* We ship our products in circular-base drums/gallons which eliminate the chances of Microbiological Contamination and later flushed with nitrogen to wipe out oxygen from the package.