Mustard Oil

Brassica nigra

Mustard oil has rich nutritional profile with an impeccable ratio of omega3 and omega-6 fatty acid. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiinflammatory along with high smoke point which makes it an exceptional
cooking oil for cardiovascular health and other inflammatory related diseases. Traditionally also used as a massage oil for inflamed joints and gum diseases.

Mustard Oil– Robust, multipurpose and highly expedient oil. Consecrated with a rich nutritional profile, mustard oil has an impeccable ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and low content of saturated fats. We cold press our mustard oil hence producing incomparable oil quality. Amazing, that one-tablespoon only contains 121 calories and 11 grams of good unsaturated fat.

Mustard oil has – A 3 – antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a proven remedy for cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, organ stimulation and functioning, asthma, brain functions and reduces risk of cancer. With a history of 3000 years this oil still amazes the world with its benefits.

Lesser-known facts about mustard oil – it can be used for skin whitening treatments, dental treatments, anti-aging regimes, natural sun block and provide solution for itchy skin and head.

Recommendation from Vintage Aroma –It is one the healthiest oils in the word.  Use mustard oil for cooking. It has more health benefits than an average vegetable cooking oil. Treat gum diseases by massaging the oil with a small quantity of salt.

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