Coconut Oil

Cocos Nucifera

Coconut oil, or copra oil, is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of mature coconuts harvested from the coconut palm.

Coconut Oil – Supernova is the perfect name for coconut oil. Known for it multidimensional uses, coconut is definitely our board leader. Highly used in the health industry coconut oil is a winning accolade by the minute.

Health benefits of coconut oil –

Hair – Nourishes and reduces protein loss

Skin – Rejuvenates and adds life to the cells

Head – Calms the nerves

Bones and teeth – Improves strength

Heart – Produces good cholesterol and unblocks the arteries

Improves immunity and Digestion

It is known to surges levels of HDL Cholesterol, burns fat indorsing weight loss. The lauric acid that is present in the coconut oil are absorbed easily by the intestine and can be used by the body to harvest energy and increase good cholesterol.

Coconut oil improves the cognitive abilities of Alzheimer’s patients, explicitly in language and orientation areas. Coconut oil is a gift to mankind.

Versatile oil used in hair care and skin care. Companies across verticals – health, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, hair care, skin care are coming up innovative products using coconut oil, as it is powerful oil that adds immense value to the products.

Recommendation from Vintage Aroma – A spoon a day keeps the doctor away. Great gift for your employees

Nutritional Component – TBA – VA

Industries – Health, pharmaceutical, FMCG, beauty and skin care, medical

New Product Scope –

Health supplements

Medicinal products for Alzheimer

Weight management products

Teas and coffee

FMCG products


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