Sweet Almond Oil

Prunus Amygdalus

High in Vitamin ‘A’ & ‘E’ and Zinc making it wonderful for – sensitive skin, dry skin & stretch marks. Works wonders for under-eye therapy products and an excellent and potent ingredient for hair care products. Nutritionally high in monounsaturated fatty acids & anti oxidants making it healthy for ingestion.

Sweet Almond Oil – Prunus dulcis officially referred to the tree from which the edible almond seeds are cultivated. Like all our cold pressed oils, this one is no less than royalty. We need it for our skin, heart, mind, and health and over all wellbeing.

Sweet almond oil has its uses across industries. Beneficial for the heart, it contains a combination of mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids. These two prominently contribute to cardiovascular health.

It keeps our skin revivified and young due to high levels Vitamin E. It can lighten dark under eye circles. It can relieve sun exposure, eczema, and rashes. It’s a fantastic natural makeup remover. The zinc in sweet almond oil is great for healing brittle nails. Hair care products sliver your hair of natural oils; sweet almond oil can help reinstate its health.

It has the ability to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow and keep diabetes in check.  Sweet almond oil also can cure infections. It is the protector of digestive health.

Aromatherapy has been using sweet almond oil with other essential oils to create an impact on mind and soul.

Recommendation from Vintage Aroma – Replace make up remover with this oils to see a change in the skin. Use for hair packs once a week to restore its health. It is great oil for infant massage and a boon for stretch mark removal.

Industries – Health, pharmaceutical, FMCG, beauty and skin care, medical

New Product Scope –

Make up removers

Infant massage oils

Hair packs

Face Packs

Eczema creams

Health supplements

Digestive and rectal care products

Weight management products

FMCG products


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