Watermelon Seeds Oil

Citrullus Lanatus

This oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-aging & detoxifying properties on the skin. It is a superb conditioner for both oily and dry skin due to its high absorption rate and light composition. It is an excellent ingredient for anti ageing and balancing skin care formulations.

Watermelon Seed Oil – Light, nutty and highly adaptive. It is blended with numerous oils to enhance the usability. Watermelon seed oil is therapeutic and known for its healing qualities. Watermelon seed oil is well known by other names like Kalahari oil and Ootanga oil.

It is an antioxidant – watermelon seed oil does not go putrid, when stored well.  Watermelon seed oil has anti-aging properties; it has a huge application in the anti-aging skin care products. The demand has tremendously gone high for this resourceful oil. It also provides direct nutrition to skin and prevents it from free radicals.

Watermelon seed oil is calmative – It is a superb conditioner for both oily and dry skin. Skin care products have used this oil in abundance due to its high absorption rate and light composition. It soaks well in the skin. It is a great moisturizer. This oil helps to eliminate sebum, the dirt and grease that builds up in your skin and creates acne.

The oil is levered for its ability to allow the skin to breathe and eliminate

built up toxins, while providing rich and decadent moisture to the skin. The vigorous vitamins and minerals contained in the oil feed the skin and help it flourish.

One oil, magnificent uses. This oil is a detoxifying agent – It is used in detoxifying massage formulations. It has a great function in the massage oils. It has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in reducing inflammation on the skin.

Watermelon seed oil actually dissolves the oil build up in the pores. In this way,

Its lightness makes it lovely to use as a bath, baby or massage oil base.  Watermelon oil is a natural moisturizer particularly helpful for oily skin conditions.

Recommendation from Vintage Aroma – Replace average massage oils with this oil to capitalize on its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory properties.

Nutritional Component – TBA – VA

Industries – Health, pharmaceutical, FMCG, beauty and skin care

New Product Scope –

Massage oils

Anti-aging products

Face Packs

Face oils and creams

Eczema creams

Health supplements


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